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Jesus Christ God's Son (Jesus Lives)

Added 20th July 2009


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Jesus Christ, God's Son, our saviour,
came to seek and save the lost.
Crucified to win our freedom,
Jesus gave his life for us;
laid in a borrowed grave
till God in power came
and raised him up victorious.

So we know Jesus lives and we are raised with him
to praise our God and king for evermore.
Yes we know Jesus lives
and we are raised with him
to praise our God and king for evermore.

If there were no resurrection,
we ourselves could not be raised,
but the empty tomb declares that
all our hope is not in vain;
the curse of death is gone,
we're living in the Son
and Satan's power is rolled away.

Hallelujah, Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.
Hallelujah, he has promised life to all who believe.

The resurrection is an utterly vital part of our faith, but often we sing more songs about the cross – for many churches the vast majority of resurrection-themed songs only get sung around Easter time. But it was the resurrection that Peter preached at Pentecost, the resurrection that tells us Jesus’ sacrificial death was acceptable to the Father, and the resurrection that points us to our future hope when all heaven and earth will be renewed. So we should sing about it more! I hope that this song enables churches to celebrate the amazing, joyful truth of Christ’s victory over death throughout the year.

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