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Hallelujah Christ is risen

Added 14th April 2014


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Hallelujah, Christ is risen,
hallelujah, Christ is King!

Risen now, exalted now;
we'll sing, Christ is King!

New life abounds, as morning sounds;
death has lost its sting, oh Christ is King!
New hope has come through the risen Son;
death has lost its sting, oh Christ is King!

This song was born from a little experiment I had with the (very patient) congregations at St James during Easter 2013. I wanted to create something that was easy to sing, and that was full of joy and celebration as we remember some of the great truths about Easter and what Jesus’ resurrection means for us. We’d previously used Wonderful Counsellor at one of our Christmas Carol services which had worked really well and I thought it’d be nice to have a similar type of song for Easter too. A good round can be a great addition to a service, especially for special celebrations  like Christmas and Easter; they can often be a great way to open a set of sung worship as they really encourage people to sing out, they’re often great for all ages, and the lyrical simplicity of them really enables us to dwell and feast on what we’re singing. (They’re also pretty fun to sing too!)

The experiment went down well although there were a few rough edges. With the help of the team at Resound (and especially input from Joel and Matt – thanks you two) we were able to get the different parts working more smoothly together and get a more balanced and harmonic sound.

The congregation can either be split in to three sections and sing a part each, you could treat it as an 8-bar round, or you could sing the whole thing through and then let everyone choose their favourite part. I hope you enjoy singing it and are filled with His joy, peace, hope and presence as you remember the great victory of God at Easter.

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