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It's ok with me!

King of glory

Added 7th October 2007


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King of glory, Lord of life, Jesus risen from the grave!
See the tomb is open wide and the stone is rolled away.
Sorrow dies and death must end, swept away in mercy's tide,
now this wondrous sinner's friend is so gloriously alive!

Alleluia! Jesus is risen now,
alleluia, his triumph we sing.
Crowned with honour, power and wisdom,
our glorious Saviour and resurrection king.

Stooping low upon the earth, love was lifted on a cross;
sinless beauty now a curse, Jesus crucified for us.
But his blood has made us free from the taint of every sin,
that for all eternity we may rise to life in him!

So let all God's people sing, lifting high the risen Son
while the angel voices ring with the sound of victory won.
Christ our radiant king of life reigns in full supremacy
and his praise shall never die throughout all eternity!

I felt there was a need for more songs celebrating the resurrection, and this song began life as an attempt to write a new melody for the traditional “Easter Hymn”. However, my RESOUND friends encouraged me to write some new lyrics too, and this was the result.

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