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Lamb of God

Added 7th March 2013


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Lamb of God, blameless one;
dearly loved, only Son,
cursed and scourged as he is hung
on a cross of degradation.
Man of grief, crowned with thorns.
How his heart and flesh are torn
as our sins and guilt are borne
in his selfless act of mercy.

Worthy, worthy is the Lamb.
Glory, glory to the Lamb of God.

Lamb of God, see him laid;
cold as stone, in the grave.
Now the awesome debt is paid
and the curse of sin is lifted.
But before daylight’s hour
death must yield to greater power,
no, the tomb can’t hold him now
for the King of Life is risen!
Lamb of God - lifted high;
reigning at the Father’s side.
There, forever glorified,
he will be the judge of nations.
And redeemed, we will stand
at the throne of the Lamb
giving glory, praise and thanks
as he rules his new creation.

I am always reminded around Easter time of Jesus’ costly sacrifice for sin that drew us back so wonderfully into relationship with our Father God. How great was his love for us that he allowed himself to become sin even though he was the very antithesis of sin – the perfect, spotless Lamb of God.  In this song I have related the events of Easter to the vision of Jesus in Revelation as the glorious, risen Lord – the Lamb who is at the centre of heaven’s throne where he is forever ‘worthy’ to be praised.  The song has been through many revisions & has taken about 2 years to finalise – many thanks to Joel for substantially writing the melody for the verses. 

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