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I need not fear (Greater Saviour)

Added 6th March 2009


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1.I need not fear, though greatly I've sinned,
for I have a greater Saviour.
Death holds no power, oh where is its sting?
I have a greater Saviour.

2.I cannot hide the depth of my shame,
but you are a greater Saviour.
Over my failings your promise remains;
you are a greater Saviour.

And I will give glory and praise to your name;
so great is the mercy that lifted my shame.
No matter how burdened, my heart will proclaim:
you are a greater Saviour,
you are a greater Saviour.

3.Jesus, my hope for all of my days,
there is no greater Saviour.
To you be all power, all honour and praise;
there is no greater Saviour.

Jesus, no-one, no-one is greater than you.
My Saviour, no-one, no-one is greater than you.

I stumbled across a quote by the hymn writer, and slave-trade abolitionist, John Newton. On his death-bed, he is credited as having said "My memory is nearly gone, but I remember two things — that I am a great sinner, and that Christ is a great Saviour". Those words struck me as an incredibly succinct summary of the gospel - that no matter how great our sin, the saving grace of Christ can, has and will always cover it.

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Many thanks... we'll be using this song on Sunday morning.

Julie - All Saints, Sidmouth
Julie Wheeler at 06:23 on 26th June 2013
We held a Lent service focussing on slavery and freedom. First song was Amazing Grace with Chris Tomlin's additional chorus. The last song was this one - a song of freedom and forgiveness. In between were prayers for those still trapped in slavery. Great song; great lyrics; great tune!
Val Rudd at 12:20 on 25th March 2013
il like this song
AKINWUMI AKINOLA at 18:01 on 25th June 2012
I adore this song and it has meant a great deal to me as I find the words coming back to me in various situations in my everyday life.

I've also translated this song to Norwegian and here are the translated lyrics:

1. Jeg trenger ei frykte om synden er stor,
for jeg har en større Frelser.
Døden er maktløs, hva gruer jeg for?
Jeg har en større frelser.

2. Jeg kan ikke skjule min skam noe sted,
men du er en større frelser.
Tross mine feiltrinn står løftet ditt ved:
Du er en større frelser.

Og jeg vil gi ære og pris til ditt navn.
Så stor er den nåden som tok bort min skam.
Om jeg føler meg tynget, jeg synger min sang;
Du er en større frelser, du er en større frelser.

3. Jesus, det eneste håpet jeg vet,
det fins ingen større frelser.
Din er makten og æren i all evighet -
det fins ingen større frelser.

Jesus, ingen, ingen er større enn deg. Min frelser, ingen, ingen er større enn deg.

Feel free to comment.
Gunn Lina Fredriksen at 04:45 on 15th March 2012
This is a personal favourite of mine. I've never used this word about a song before but I find it really 'lovely'. That is a good thing.
Ben Atkins at 10:47 on 10th January 2012
G'day Kieran.
Absolutely love the words and the sound of this song. We regularly us it after the announcement of the gospel that follows our prayers of confession, repentance & fresh faith in Christ.
Damien Carson at 16:54 on 20th September 2011