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It's ok with me!

Come see the Son

Added 6th March 2009


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Come, see the Son of the living God
hanging on a tree,
dying there for you and me.
Come, see the bringer of truth and grace
nailed there for us,
agony across his face.

This is love displayed,
this is mercy perfectly portrayed in Christ,
the cross of Christ.

Come, see the innocent Son of God
punished there for us,
rescuing us with his blood.
Come, see the healer of wounded souls
crucified for us,
broken there to make us whole.

Come, see the tomb where they laid him down;
the stone is rolled away,
nothing but the grave clothes now.
Come, see the King is alive again,
risen from the dead,
ushering a new age in.

This is victory,
this is life for everyone who will believe
in Jesus Christ.

Come and worship him,
come and sing to him,
come and live for him,
Jesus Christ.

Here I was trying to write something that meditated on the gritty reality of the cross, while holding it together with the cosmic consequences and ending on a note of triumph and victory. I spent a lot of time reading what others have written about the cross, immersing myself in the language, hoping that I could find simple ways to describe it. The verse tune is intentionally plain to reflect the starkness of what is being described, lifting for the chorus as we discover and celebrate what it all means for us and taking us through to the glory of the resurrection.

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