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It's ok with me!

Songs for Sundays Music Book

A printed music book with piano scores, choir parts, chord charts and instrument parts.

This collection of songs, freshly prepared by our team of writers, is designed uniquely for what happens in church on a Sunday - those signpost moments that are common across traditions. In a break from many worship albums, we've built the tracks using a palette that reflects the musical line-up found in real churches. We aimed to create something authentic and new. Something contemporary, beautiful and inspiring for worship. And we hope something that is reproducible in your church.

1. In the name of God the Father
2. Awake my soul
3. Most merciful God
4. We come to hear your word
5. Your word O Lord
6. We believe in one God (Unshakeable)
7. God our Father (Let your kingdom come)
8. Living bread
9. Jesus you call us (This is our communion)
10. Send us out
11. May the grace

Also available in on CD. For audio previews, scores, charts and more visit the Songs for Sundays page.