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It's ok with me!

Doxecology Digital Album

13 new contemporary congregtational songs on themes of creation, ecology and hope.

Songs of celebration, reflecting on the beauty and wonder of the creation and the Creator. Songs of lament and contrition that recognise our failures and the groaning earth. Songs of expectation and hope that commit to action and look to the restoration of all things in the new creation.

1. Heaven’s voice brings the dawn
2. God of immeasurable might
3. Nature shines with beauty
4. Hear the song of our lament
5. God the maker of the heavens
6. We are the tenants of the King
7. Let all creation sing
8. If the fields are parched (Have mercy)
9. Why are you downcast (Be still my soul)
10. As the seeds are planted (Let the earth find rest)
11. At your bidding (You saw that it is was good)
12. Where are you in the storm
13. God the word of life (Great day)

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