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It's ok with me!

When you spoke

Added 14th July 2015


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When you spoke, light overwhelmed the darkness;
when you spoke, the heavens gained their hue;
when you spoke, creation echoed, singing;
Lord, speak to me and I will follow you.

Lord, you spoke, through stone and fire and rainbow;
Lord, you spoke, through angels, dreams and dew;
Lord, you spoke, through prophets, kings and children;
Lord, speak to me and I will follow you.

Open my ears, so I can truly listen,
open my mind, so I may understand.
Open my heart, so I can truly love you,
and live to follow You.

When you spoke, your words commanded healing;
when you spoke, the wind and waves withdrew;
when you spoke, the twelve left all to follow;
Lord, speak to me and I will follow you.

Lord, you speak in power through your Spirit;
Lord, you speak by scripture's words of truth;
Lord, you speak through prayer and song and teaching;
Lord, speak to me and I will follow You.

I started this song a few years ago and it’s gone through a number of revisions to get to where it is today - thank you to those who’ve helped me through the process.

'When you spoke' takes us on a journey from creation, through the ways God has spoken in history, the power of Jesus’ words, to how he speaks today.  It’s also a prayer that God would speak to us and that we would respond.

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