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When our songs (Have mercy)

Added 4th February 2009


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When our songs of joyful celebration
are drowned out by the groans of those in need,
echoing creation,
that's waiting like a prisoner to be freed.
Father we cry out,
how long until the pain and suffering cease?
We pray that your kingdom
would fill this world with justice, love and peace.

Have mercy, Lord, on the earth you created;
have mercy, Lord, through us.
Father, change our hearts, take our hands, raise our voices;
may we demonstrate your love.

Still the lonely widow fights for justice
and orphans are exploited and oppressed.
Help us change our culture,
for we're not the only ones who should be blessed.
We must hear Jesus:
'When you show love to those who are in need,
and care for the captive,
it's just as though you do these things for me.’

Father, you have giv’n to us so freely,
now help us to be generous with our wealth.
All we have is yours, Lord -
how could we only use it for ourselves?
Give us compassion
for those who need the comfort we can bring,
the hungry and hopeless,
who wait for us to practise what we sing.

Since posting the original version of this song on the site several months ago, which was recorded by a full band and had an additional middle 8 section, I’ve found that the song has been most useful in a simpler form as a framework for corporate prayer. We’ve therefore re-recorded it with cut-down instrumentation and a more straightforward structure to more accurately reflect how the song is used.

I’ve regularly led this song with just an acoustic guitar, and left space after each chorus for people to bring their own prayers, whether silently or spoken out loud altogether. A typical example of how the song might be used is:
Verse 1 & Chorus
Pray for the whole world, conflict areas, world leaders etc
Verse 2 & Chorus
Pray for specific areas of suffering and need, both globally and locally
Verse 3 & Chorus
Pray for us, that we would be used by God to bring healing and peace
Optional final Chorus

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