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It's ok with me!

When God's perfect plans (Jesus, Lord of peace)

Added 13th July 2017


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When God's perfect plans are hard to see
and struggles surface everywhere,
we lay our lives before his sovereignty
and pray his peace would find us there.

Jesus, Lord of peace,
is with us now
and will forever be
our Shepherd King
who leads us into perfect stillness.

When sadness hits our homes, and all feels lost,
when the night is full of fear,
the God of comfort shows his love to us
and holds us tightly through the tears.

The Lord is my defender, this I know;
he watches over me with grace.
The darkness will not overwhelm my soul,
for my eternity is safe.

I started writing this song upon hearing some tragic news from some close friends. Several lyrics are taken straight from our text message conversation shortly afterwards. In the following months the UK suffered the terror attacks in Manchester and London, and then the Grenfell tower disaster. After each occasion I worked on the song further, with a prompting to convey the unsurpassable peace of God in the midst of despair. 
Jesus is with us now and always, holding us close in the dark painful times. This is peace which is not dependent on our circumstances, it’s a gift from the Holy Spirit. It is rooted in our salvation through Christ, because whatever happens to me, ‘the darkness will not overwhelm my soul / for my eternity is safe’.

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