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What kind of throne

Added 30th October 2007


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NB There are two choir scores available for this song - the standard SATB four-part harmony [Choir Score], and then the choir parts in the choir&orchestra arrangement which is more involved and designed to work around a lead vocal part

What kind of throne is a manger of hay,
no majesty shown there, no dignity claimed,
for one who deserves to be
crowned and enthroned on our praise?
What kind of king is so modestly born,
when glory unmeasured is humble and small?
This is the hope of the world
and the true light of all.

So I'll bow down to worship the humblest of kings
and I'll bring him the best that I have;
I'll say that I love him, and that I am his,
and I'll give him the throne of my heart,
I'll give him the throne of my heart.

What kind of Saviour makes weakness his strength,
in frailty depending on those he would save,
and veiling the power
that always belonged to his name?
What kind of child causes heaven to sing,
with angels proclaiming the hope that he brings?
This is the glory of God,
this is Jesus, the King.

I set out here to write a 'Christmas' themed song that sounded like the kind of worship songs we might normally sing. In so many of the songs we sing around Christmas we tell the story, declaring it to those around us; that's a great thing to do, but perhaps we're not so good at including that devotional sense of worship when we consider the infant Jesus. The chorus takes inspiration from the wise men who opened their treasures and bowed down to worship. It seemed to me that whether I considered Jesus as a baby, a man on a cross, or a King in heaven, my response should be the same - to open the treasure of my whole life and bow down before him.

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