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We worship a wonderful Saviour

Added 10th November 2008


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NB This song has two different choir arrangements. 'Choir score' is a straight four-part harmony 'Concert Bundle' has a more creative arrangement designed to fit with a band and lead vocalist.

We worship a wonderful saviour;
he's the author of life, who was there at the first.
The creator who entered creation
is the miracle child of a virgin birth.

Praise Immanuel,
praise the saviour,
worship God on high.
He has come to us.
Praise Immanuel,
praise the saviour,
worship Jesus Christ.
He is one with us.

We worship a wonderful saviour;
in the form of this child is the fullness of God.
His infinity hides in his weakness,
his divinity beats in his human heart.

We worship a wonderful saviour;
he was born as a man, yet was fully divine.
He is God, come to dwell with his people,
he's the Word become flesh, he is Jesus Christ.

He is God with us, he is one with us.

In this song I wanted to think about the incarnation using two of the titles given to the Son of God: Jesus, which means 'saviour', and Immanuel, which means 'God with us'. As I wrote it, it moved from being a broad ranging exploration of the implications of the incarnation to a more focused song on Jesus' birth. I was determined not to end up with a Christmas song, but in the end the song defeated me! But I hope that the strong praise and worship elements of the chorus give it a 'now' feeling so it's not just another Christmas-story song. The closing section was originally a prechorus, but we moved it to the end when recording, and it proved to be a surprisingly powerful meditation on the meaning of Immanuel.

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I love songs with great and deep biblical meaning like this one. Praise God.
Macrey Castillo at 22:15 on 2nd December 2014
The lyrics are missing from the Piano Score. A common problem with Sibelius exports to PDF!
Richard Hubbard at 23:57 on 22nd December 2012
using after the talk at our Carols and Candles to 'earth' that He is with us. Simplified to three part harmonies but still sounds great
Ruth Neve at 07:22 on 15th December 2011
What a beautiful song! Thank-you.
Lisa Edgcumbe at 22:16 on 5th November 2011
We used this one last Christmas (2010) with choir and lead singer, and a sizeable band. No doubt it'll come out to play again this Christmas!
Daren Allder at 07:10 on 20th September 2011
Started using this around Christmas a few years ago - a beautiful and useful song. Thank you!
Meghan Schoonover at 21:12 on 19th September 2011
It is great to have Christmas themes in a song which feels natural to play all year round. It gets sung a lot at St James, Hemingford Grey.
Sam Hargreaves at 06:18 on 26th August 2011
I love this song, and the tag at the end is particularly powerful. The congregation at my church love it.
Rachel Burns at 06:37 on 16th August 2011