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It's ok with me!

We were strangers (One Body)

Added 11th May 2015


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We were strangers, lost and helpless;
God restored us through his Son.
Breaking down the walls between us,
he has made us one.
Yes, he has made us one.

One body, one Lord,
one Father over all.
One Spirit in our hearts,
one body, many parts.

Male and female, different backgrounds,
young and old of equal worth,
called together to become
Christ's body here on earth,
Christ's body here on earth.

As we worship God together,
each of us has gifts to bring.
Incomplete without each other,
with one voice we sing.
Yes, with one voice we sing.

I started this song a while back at a time when I sensed God speaking to me about unity in the church: how we need each other even if we see things differently. The words came together over time but I struggled to come up with a good tune, so I put the song "on the back burner". I took it to a RESOUNDworship songwriters' day and Matt picked it up and wrote a much better tune! I found the day really encouraging and it has prompted me to get back to writing.

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