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It's ok with me!

There is a love

Added 1st February 2012


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There is a love
that's better than life to me,
jealous and strong,
pursuing and claiming me,
seen in the Son,
in Jesus who rescued me;
this is love. 

There is a love
that speaks of amazing grace,
stooping to serve
and taking the sinner's place,
humble in death
and suffering my disgrace;
this is love.

Oh your love is better than life to me,
heaven's highest treasure,
wonderful and free,
binding me to you for eternity,
your love.

There is a love
securing my destiny,
filling my heart,
to counsel and comfort me,
stilling my fears
and trading my pain for peace;
this is love.

Your love is better than life to me,
better than life to me.
better than life to me, O God.

 This song began with just the tag, and that line from the psalms, 'your love is better than life.' It's a wonderful thing to say, but I wanted to explore it more. Why is God's love better than life? How can I say that? So I set about exploring the Bible, searching out every reference to the love of God that I could find, to try and build a picture. The final version of the song contains only a small selection of what I found - there are plenty more songs to be written on the subject - but I hope it's enough for you to join in the final refrain with real conviction that his love really is better than life. 

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