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It's ok with me!

The stillness of the night

Added 18th October 2022


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The stillness of the night is pierced
with Mary’s cry of birth
as Heaven’s years of silence cease:
God’s Word has come to earth.
What joyful news the angels bring,
their anthem fills the sky:
O come and sing to Christ the King
and praise our God on high.

The shepherds leave their flocks and fields
in wonder to bow down
before the infant Lamb of God,
the heir to David’s crown.
For in this frail Immanuel
God enters space and time:
O come and sing to Christ the King
and praise our God on high.

The groaning world is fraught with hope
to glimpse the promised Son,
for in the advent of this child
God’s kingdom has begun.
And those who long to see the dawn
will walk into his light:
O come and sing to Christ the King
And praise our God on high.

Glory to God!
Glory to God!

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