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It's ok with me!

Take Heart

Added 14th October 2020


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Take heart, dear sisters,
fear not, dear brothers,
all you who yearn for the Lord;
the night is long
and the fight is hard,
but know Christ has already won.
And though we see the sun go dark
and the moon give up its light,
we’ll know, when all the heavens quake
and stars fall from the sky:

He’ll come in glory, glory,
riding on the clouds.
The night shall flee,
and every knee
will bow before his majesty and power.

Take heart through trials,
fear not, though fires may burn,
you shall overcome.
The pain of labour
will soon be over,
our cry will turn to a song.
His word is true, our hope is sure,
and the Spirit holds us fast;
our waiting hearts will find their joy
when Christ returns at last.

When I first came across these verses where Christ warns the disciples of the coming darkness of the end times, I was overwhelmed with a sense of dread for the frightening chaos and suffering to come. But after more meditation, his words spoke to me even more powerfully about incredible comfort. Even now, as we experience heightened unrest and brokenness in many nations across the world, I know that our dear Lord is not surprised, nor has he lost control. Here is assurance, that even if I should live to see the sun refuse to shine or stars fall from the sky, he is closer than ever! Christ reminds me that these signs are only "labour pains" that indicate his imminent and glorious return when he comes to make all things right.

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