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On Christmas Day

Added 10th November 2008


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NB there are two versions of this song recorded, 'original' and 'album'. The mp3 on this page is the 'original', the video is for the 'album' version. To download the 'album' version mp3, follow the link to the Christmas Songs album.

1. On Christmas day, a humble girl
gives birth to hope for all the world,
this is Immanuel.
How awesome and mysterious,
the Lord of heaven draws near to us,
this is Immanuel.

2. The hands that once split night from day
now feebly clutch a blade of hay,
this is Immanuel.
Majestic king, now small and weak,
the Word of God must learn to speak,
this is Immanuel.

This is our God, seen by our eyes,
the love of the Father made known in Jesus Christ.
This is our God, worthy of praise,
the love of the Father revealed on Christmas day.

3. The shepherds come and bow to him,
the Lamb who takes away our sin,
this is Immanuel.
For God has entered time and space
to show the world his endless grace,
this is Immanuel.

Immanuel, Immanuel. Our God is with us now.
Immanuel, Immanuel. Our God is with us now.

The incarnation is full of seeming paradoxes and contradictions - the uncontainable God contained within a stable, the eternal God being born to a young girl, and so on. This song is an attempt to paint a picture of the amazing truth that "God is with us" through various Christmas images, and to respond to that in worship.

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Hi Matt, I'd like to give you a Christmas gift, I have translated your song found in this here video into meaningful comparable melodious lyrics, but in Spanish, as you know, there are millions upon millions of precious souls among the many Spanish speaking countries on this world, your song conveys the real message of Christmas, pls. Let me know how can I submit this gift to you. Merry Christmas 2019.
Galatians 3 : 16.
Juan Carvajal at 17:24 on 21st December 2019
A local Brass Band played this at a concert last Saturday and I was very moved by the music. I just had to have the copy so that I could play it on my piano at home. I am retired and music is one of my interests.
Stanley Latchem at 07:11 on 11th December 2014
i thank you . we give thanks to god with this song this coming christmas.
kazumasa akedo at 06:36 on 19th November 2014
i thank you . we give thanks to god with this song this coming christmas.
kazumasa akedo at 06:36 on 19th November 2014
i like it very very much.
choms rays at 08:38 on 17th November 2014
Hi Michael, thanks for purchasing the song bundle. The piano score that came as part of the bundle is a reduction of the whole arrangement - so it includes elements of the piano part on the mp3 but also elements of the bass part, guitar parts etc. The idea being that if you just have a pianist playing that piano score then it will still sound reasonably full. Hope that helps, Matt
at 15:10 on 30th October 2014
Just purchased the package - love the song. Is there a piano arrangement that matches what is played in the MP3 and backing track?
Michael MATTIL at 10:26 on 30th October 2014
Love the song! Thank you!!!
Joye Briggs at 17:44 on 28th October 2014
Love this so much!
Cathi Williams at 22:28 on 27th October 2014
Love this so much!
Cathi Williams at 22:28 on 27th October 2014
Hi Kaye, if you just put into Google "3.29 [or whatever amount] gbp in usd" then you'll get an approximately correct amount as the top result. Hope that helps, God bless, Matt
at 12:47 on 25th October 2014
How do I find out how much this costs in US dollars
Kaye Campbell at 09:33 on 25th October 2014
Hi Moses, the chord chart, lead sheet and lyric sheet are all free and can be downloaded above. There is a small cost for the mp3 (do check out the new album version) and other resources, as that helps us cover the cost involved in producing them.
God bless
at 15:00 on 20th October 2014
Hi, i want to download on the Christmas Day by Matt Osgood, how can i go about it, is it not free?
Moses Sanlola at 09:13 on 20th October 2014
Just great! Heard it yesterday and played it tonight - even better

Auckland, New Zealand
Lindsay Nash at 23:56 on 23rd November 2013
God bless you Matt for this Beautifu song thank you,.

Miriam F
miriam figuera at 17:43 on 10th November 2013
Wonderful Song for Christmas - thank you Matt.
Martin Huff at 12:20 on 21st October 2013
Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Caressa Fennell at 22:22 on 14th October 2013
hi jap, the chords can be downloaded from the top left of this screen where it says 'chord chart'. God bless, Gav
Gavin Ball at 04:33 on 9th October 2013
Hi everyone! what's the chords of this song? please...tnx :)
Jap Fernandez at 18:05 on 8th October 2013
Used itn in church choir last year. Really great
alex Neill at 02:08 on 18th September 2013
I'm heard that music in Metropolitan United Church of Toronto at Christmas 2013. I'm very like it!
v n at 16:16 on 9th May 2013
Hi I note you have full score arrangement of this song, just wondered if there were any brass arrangements, i.e for Trumpet and Trombone? Thanks
Zander Kerr at 13:29 on 26th March 2013
We used this song to close our Carols by Candlelight, and it was so popular we're also including it in our Christmas Day service. The worship group really love playing it!
Bob Almond at 09:52 on 24th December 2012
Thanks Matt for a fantastic Christ-glorifying song. Our little choir enjoyed singing it at a local carols service, and it will be definitely be added to the congregational repertoire for Christmas. I especially appreciated verse2. Thanks again!
Andrew Harkness at 02:04 on 22nd December 2012
This is a great song - we used it yesterday in our carol service. We noticed a couple of mistakes though:

1) On the chord sheet, in the bridge, the D chord on "now" should be a Bm then A/C#
2) In the piano score, at the top of the second page, the G chord on "This is our_ God_" should be Em (or Em7) and the bass clef should probably also reflect this.

Anyway, thanks for providing these resources!
Richard Jensen at 00:42 on 17th December 2012
Hi Kristi, I'll email you a version in Capo 2.
Kieran Metcalfe at 06:30 on 16th December 2012
I'm trying to get my 11 year old son to play this song for his sister to sing, but the chords are ones he doesn't know. Can someone share an easier arrangement or explain how to capo the guitar so he can use easier chords?
Kristi Eblin at 05:59 on 16th December 2012
Can you make the MIDI available for downloading? It's a beautiful piece of music.
Jim Gee
James Gee at 20:44 on 15th December 2012
I'd like to download and listen MIDI file music, Please.
Yana Hoff at 19:05 on 13th December 2012
Please put some MIDI music here.
Yana Hoff at 19:04 on 13th December 2012
Hi Veronica - you can download it by pressing the 'Hi-Quality MP3' button above-left.
Joel Payne at 04:14 on 10th December 2012
Hi everyone. This is a Beautiful song.. i love it! Do anyone knows how I can download this song , in my iPad so I can play the song not using the internet?
Veronica Mendez at 22:09 on 8th December 2012
Thanks very much!!!!
This is a wonderful song!!!
I love it!!!
chris kang at 19:44 on 8th December 2012
This is a wonderful worship song. We are singing it in our church in France this Christmas. Great site. I have downloaded the lyrics and the song so I can practice at home.
Thank you so much.
Love and Peace to you all this Christmas 2012
Sue Brooke at 08:22 on 4th December 2012
Translating it in Russian. Thank you for your work mr Osgood.
Elena Ermolaeva at 22:23 on 23rd November 2012
Now translated into Bosnian and we will be performing it at our Christmas concert - thank you!
Julia Kragulj at 04:20 on 14th November 2012
This song is just gorgeous! Pretty setting and beautiful words - would like to see them on every Christmas service sheet for people to take home and reflect on. Thankyou and God bless.
Gwenda Morris at 13:17 on 9th October 2012
For a worship leader always looking for good singable songs, this site is the best, love On Christmas Day, easy to sing and easy to remember, new songs bring the church alive, God bless all you do.
Malcolm Turner at 02:38 on 29th September 2012
Thankyou. I've been looking for a song for our Gospel Choir that speaks about Emmanuel, God with us, and this is the one. It will be sung in Hamilton, NZ this Christmas.
Sue Shepherd at 16:17 on 19th September 2012
Oh what a magnificent song! Thank you for sharing this. I'm spreading the word! I can't wait to sing this during Christmastide!
Michael Scarlett at 10:44 on 12th July 2012
WOW! New to this sight and am thrilled to pieces with your generous offer. Thank you beyond words for making these available to the church. May God bless you abundantly.
Vickie Warner at 17:51 on 10th July 2012
Wish I'd found this three months ago! Nice Christmas song - very singable and can't you just hear it with an intro and outro of "I Saw Three Ships"?!
David Naylor at 11:38 on 14th February 2012
Introduced this at Christmas and was well received and picked up by the congregation quickly. A great addition to the Christmas repertoire. Thankyou.
Jonathan Knight at 00:52 on 31st January 2012
We really enjoyed singing this on Christmas Day again this year. It was definitely the best song of the morning, only to be outdone by my husband's preaching of the word ;-) Last year we had Joel and Rhiannon Payne with us who taught this song to us, so we had a moment of happy remembrance of having them with us. We miss you two.
jan smith at 15:07 on 27th December 2011
This has been a real hit in our church - we have sung the 4-part version with a group of 'singing for fun' members in two carol services, and this year we plan to sing it during Midnight Communion on Christmas Eve, and again in the family service on Christmas morning, using the simpler version. Thank you for the Piano score - last time I played it from the full vocal score, necessitating lots of page turns, but the piano score is excellent for unison singing. God bless you all.
Libby Parr at 13:41 on 16th December 2011
Big thanks! We've sung this at our informal worship service for the past three weeks and are due to sing it again on Christmas Day!
Julie Wheeler at 10:35 on 16th December 2011
We love this song. Our primary choir sang it at the local carols by candlelight in the community. The power of the words and tune cut through all the Santa clausing and tinseling. Thank you.
Cathy Smith at 13:56 on 27th November 2011
Hi there, if you register with the site you can download chords, piano score, lead sheet all for free... we're nice like that :)
at 14:49 on 23rd October 2011
guys can you send me the guitar chord of this song...cuz it iz a tottally nice song and i want to sing it in my church............plz send it to
drumer rocker at 23:24 on 22nd October 2011
Found this beautiful song while browsing Resound for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Our music group now intend to use it in our Christmas Day worship at Standish Methodist Church. Thank you so much for making it available to us.
june lever at 02:33 on 20th October 2011
wonderful song.. I will sing this in my church this christmas season
Robert Gagarin at 20:54 on 19th October 2011
I sang this song in our church two years ago and it has become my favorite Christmas song. It tells the whole Christmas story in one prefect little work. I would love to repeat the work this year and add a simple slide show to it.
Gail Fehr at 06:23 on 18th October 2011
a wonderful and lovely song praise the lord
Martin Staker at 02:02 on 13th October 2011
We used a fusion of the choral/orchestral version and a rock band version, Christmas 2010 in our main carol service, and again on Christmas morning. Quite easy to teach to a scratch choir, and a good blend of trad/modern.
Daren Allder at 07:09 on 20th September 2011
This is not only memorable but catchy and meaningful. I've used it lots
Tom Gough at 03:17 on 20th September 2011
Moving, beautiful, another great tag for exporting to other songs. Sounds great in York Minster too!
Simon Bray at 08:14 on 19th September 2011
Fills what I suspect may be a common gap in a church's repertoire - a brilliant, modern, accessible Christmas song. We've used it each year since it came out and it's become a classic already. A blessing to our church family.
Ben Atkins at 03:49 on 2nd September 2011
I honestly think this is an all-time Christmas classic. I hope more and more people sing it.
Joel Payne at 11:37 on 15th August 2011