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It's ok with me!

O Lord our God

Added 27th October 2008


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O Lord our God, your name is mighty,
your splendour fills the earth
and thunders through the skies.
You stitched the stars into the heavens,
your fingers formed the sun,
your power makes it shine.
When I consider all your works, Lord,
such brilliant beauty without end,
I am amazed by this great mercy:
that my creator calls me friend.

How can it be that God above
should care for me?
What gracious love,
such mystery;
my Father loves me as I am,
as I am.

O Lord our God, your name is holy,
the darkness flees before your perfect sinless light.
You know the depths of all creation,
for nothing can escape your all perceiving sight.
So you know all my fears and failings,
the weakness of my fickle soul,
yet, by your mercy, you accept me
and, by your grace, you make me whole.

How can it be that heaven's King
should welcome me,
despite my sin?
With outstretched arms,
my Father meets me as I am,
as I am.

Your love is wonderful to me,
so wonderful to me, so wonderful to me.

In my role as worship pastor of a church I try to ensure that the songs we choose over a period of time will reflect a wide range of truths about God. There are many songs around that speak of God’s love revealed in Jesus, especially through the cross, but recently I found it difficult to find songs that reflected the Fatherhood of God, or even any songs that primarily address God as Father. That was partly the motivation for writing this song, which is themed around the love of the Father express in Psalm 8 and the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

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