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It's ok with me!

More than gold

Added 7th January 2011


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More than gold and extravagant riches,
heartfelt songs of wonder and awe;
you have shown by walking among us,
what you're longing for.

A voice that cries for the rights of the broken,
a heart that burns to embrace and forgive,
a spirit free from selfish ambition;
you ask this of me.

Help me to act justly,
love mercy
and walk humbly with you.
This you require of me,
my life an offering to you.

Put these hands to work for your justice,
melt my heart with mercy and love.
Break my pride, let humility clothe me,
as long as I live.

This you desire, this you require,
this you demand of me;
more than just songs and riches alone
but worship through love and mercy;
that your kingdom grows and justice will flow,
flow like a never failing stream.

For a while now, the words of Micah 6:6-8 have struck a chord with me as to what worship is really about. On one hand, it seems contradictory to write a song about worship being about more than singing, but this song is a prayer to take us beyond our times of corporate worship and to engage with worshipping God through acts of love and mercy to others, and through a life of humility with him.

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What a beautiful song! It goes perfectly with tomorrow's (28th Sunday) gospel (Mark 10:17).

God bless you,
Ralph - St A's Cornerstone
Ralph Lecessi at 06:16 on 10th October 2015
the song are inspiring to the soul, and it will help the church to grow spiritually . thanks
nkereuwem ekong at 08:13 on 6th July 2013
We have just practised this song with the music group last night. Awesome tune! It is one of our 'June' songs.


Chris Lord at 00:17 on 10th May 2013
I love this, too. It's a message we can never hear too often, to go out and share God's love in the world. And the harmonies ROCK :) .
Deb Zelman at 12:29 on 28th August 2012
I love this. There are very few songs out there at the moment that reflect this side of God's character. No vague 'spiritual' terms, just real application of God's great heart for the broken and poor. Great work Kieran! :)
Ian Peacock at 13:10 on 30th October 2011
I like.
Donna Southers at 04:34 on 26th October 2011
What a beautiful, thought provoking and challenging song.
Lesley Furnival at 05:36 on 30th September 2011
Hi Kieran
We use the words 'Help me to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you our God' as part of one of our services. Next time I lead I am going to play this instead - thank you!
Margaret Afford at 09:12 on 20th September 2011
Hi Kieran
We listened to this song at the end of one of our morning services yesterday - giving the congregation an opportunity to reflect on their response to the sermon , which was based on Micah 6:8 - worship that transforms society is about 'more than just songs' .... so this was really helpful.
Judy Gresham at 09:46 on 19th September 2011
love the outro, fantastic song!
Gavin Ball at 14:01 on 18th August 2011