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Miracle Child

Added 7th December 2011


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Miracle child,
born to a scared virgin girl,
she trusted that God had a plan,
the babe in her hands,
Vulnerable child,
born at the back of the inn,
hardly the place for a king,
yet now angels sing:

Glory to God,
glory to God in the highest.
Glory to God,
glory to God in the highest.

Heavenly son,
prophets predicted his birth,
said he would shine light in the dark,
the bright morning star.
Wonderful son,
bringing the captives release,
meeting the worlds deepest need, 
our prince of peace. 

This is Jesus, coming to save us;
join the angels, singing his praises.


The Christmas story is one of the most amazing ever told. However, many times at Christmas I wonder if we forget how difficult and dangerous it must have been for Jesus and Mary. She was surely petrified at the situation, being an unmarried virgin and pregnant, but she showed amazing Faith in God. I also think phrases from carols we sing like 'no crying he makes' are misleading about Jesus. Here is the King of Heaven totally reliant on frail humans to raise him, not to mention King Herod who was out to kill him! From his incredibly humble birth place this Miracle Child went on to change the world forever. I really hope this song, written with some big input from Sam, helps people remember the wonder of the Christmas story
and join the angels song."

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