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It's ok with me!

Lord why does it seem

Added 23rd June 2011


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Lord, why does it seem you're so far away?
when I need you most, don't cover your face.
Consider my tears, the struggle and grief;
oh won't you come near and bring your relief?
For you've promised good to me,
so in faith I'm holding on
and I'm waiting on the promise of your word.

Have mercy on me and see my distress;
remember your love and your faithfulness.
I'll lift up my soul and cry out again;
deliver me, Lord, from anguish and pain.
For you've promised good to me,
so in faith I'm holding on
and I'm waiting on the promise of your word.

Almighty One, my strength and my song;
you are my refuge, my shield.
Faithful and True, my hope is in you:
God who will rescue and heal.

And so I will wait and trust in the One
who showed me his face in Jesus the Son.
Compassionate God, your mercy is real,
you suffered and bled that I might be healed.
Yes, you've shown your love to me
and by grace Im holding on
as I'm living in the promise of your word.

As Christians we are not immune from times of difficulty in our lives, in fact Jesus said in this world you will have trouble (John 16:33) but there are perhaps not so many contemporary worship songs that enable us to express some of the doubts, fears, despair and questions that we experience at such times. We can even feel vaguely guilty about asking "Why, Lord?" or complaining to him. But the writers of the Psalms did just that in so many places, crying out to God in their anguish, expressing disappointment, frustration & hopelessness - while elsewhere lifting up glorious praises & declaring trust in the everlasting, faithful God. This song takes inspiration from such writings but, unlike the psalmists, we know that God has responded to our questions and longings, and that he has come to us in Christ, walked our road & shouldered our burdens, ultimately meeting our deepest needs at the cross. And so we are encouraged and strengthened, enabled to keep holding on and living by his grace in our lives.

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Great song. Thank you for sharing it that is great.
Jane Butler at 07:51 on 29th September 2019
so cool, love it!
Cathi Williams at 22:48 on 27th October 2014
This is one super song! Can't wait to do it in a service. It speaks to the pain so many feel and the hope that comes from faith.
Sister Pamela PRANKE OP at 19:45 on 2nd May 2013
fab song, meaningful and heartfelt, thank you very much
nigel pearson at 13:59 on 28th January 2013
Well done for writing this kind of song, true to the Psalms, true to life!
Oliver Rice at 03:43 on 17th December 2012
Top marks!! Nice tune, good words, well sung! Simply put, SUPERB!
Isobel Green at 03:50 on 18th July 2012
Wondeful and true
Doris Neufeld at 10:07 on 2nd February 2012
A little bit different - great words. Going to try this one at church!
Philip Gell at 00:59 on 19th January 2012
This one has real soul - . Deserves to be part of everybody's repertoire
Chris Franklin at 09:13 on 28th September 2011
We did this one as a special - piano, bass, drums, plus singer and bluesy guitar...extended the vamp section (Bm7-Em7) for our guitar soloist. Thanks for the song!
Meghan Schoonover at 21:00 on 19th September 2011
Great song in the style of music that I like. Don't get to hear this style in church, thanks Judy Gresham for releasing it. Our congregation enjoyed the song and we may try using it as a congregational song in the near future.
Larry Evans at 06:44 on 19th September 2011
Hi Sam

as an example
'and Ifm waiting on the promise of your word.'
Ian Hobbs at 01:13 on 4th September 2011
Ian - it works for me. Can you say in what way odd?
Sam Hargreaves at 11:41 on 31st August 2011
lyric sheet has an odd download.. or is it me? :-)
Ian Hobbs at 10:38 on 31st August 2011
awesome song, really gutsy and honest and also quite blusey, great stuff!
Gavin Ball at 13:57 on 18th August 2011