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It's ok with me!

Jesus you have called us

Added 11th January 2012


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Jesus, you have called us:
Come, follow me,
take up your cross,
deny yourself
and live.

Jesus, I am willing
though I am weak;
I'll trust you
and I'll go where you lead.

I will follow,
I will follow,
I will follow
where you lead.

Jesus, you have shown us
how we should live:
in sacrifice,
and love.

Jesus, I am willing
though I am weak;
I'll follow you
with your Spirit in me.


This song seeks to echo the words of Jesus who called for a new sacrifical life from his disciples. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible, so that we can consider the call and respond with a repeated "I will follow", hoping that each time we sing those three words our commitment becomes a little bit more real in our hearts.

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