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It's ok with me!

In the beginning

Added 6th October 2014


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NB This song has two different choir arrangements. 'Choir score' is a straight four-part harmony 'Concert Bundle' has a more creative arrangement designed to fit with a band and lead vocalist.

In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was God
and the Word was with God.

And everything that has been made
has been made through him,
nothing made without him.

In him was life,
that life was light for everyone.
The darkness tries,
but the light will not be overcome.

The light that shines for everyone
has come into the world.
The light of Christ the only Son
has come into the world,
has come into the world.

He made his dwelling in the world
as the Word made flesh,
and we've seen his glory.

And in the sending of the Son,
grace and truth have come
through the one and only.

Bible Passages: John 1

For a long time I've wanted to write a song based on the opening verses of John 1, this sublime poem to the incarnation of God in Jesus. But it wasn't until I stopped trying to squeeze the words into my structure and instead followed the repetitive, loopy structure of the original that it all came together. There's something of a meditation here, at the same time leading into dynamic praise.

This was written while we were recording the 'Christmas Songs' album so, unlike the other tracks on the album, there's only one version and this is it. Hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks so much, Joel! Looking forward to helping the children learn this and share it with the congregation.

Norma Cook at 09:18 on 15th November 2015
Just added the vid for download Norma!
Joel Payne at 04:41 on 2nd November 2015
Love this song! How do we get permission to show the video for our Christmas concert? Also, if we ordered the accompaniment track, is it in sync with the video so our children's choir could present the song with their music replacing that of the video? Thanks for your help. Keep up the great songwriting.

Norma Cook at 06:18 on 31st October 2015
There is a natural 'energy' in this song which is very refreshing. It's also very 'singable' and our congregation took to it immediately.
We used it for the first time at the start of our carol services: three lines were read as an opening reading, but then the reader broke into song and led a 'flash mob' style development of the first verse and chorus with 18 members of the choir scattered among the congregation. Instrumental chorus for the choir to assemble at the front and then full tilt into verse 2! Congregation then invited to join in for a resounding re-run! It set the scene for the rest of the service.
An inspirational and uplifting song!
Thanks Joel.
Alan Crofts at 06:35 on 14th January 2015
Love the song. We plan to use two of the songs here next year.
Beverley Schroeder at 15:51 on 28th December 2014
This song is great in every aspect! Praise God for your heart, Joel! We're singing this on Christmas worship service. ;o)
Rica Burkhard at 18:51 on 22nd December 2014
Wow! This is at the top of a very long list of my fave Christmas songs - yep, twanging it on the guitar, yep singing it in services this Christmas. Yep, wish I was Joel... ha ha. Bless you!
Rob Kemp at 03:47 on 10th December 2014
Great song. Liked it immediately. Just a shame its a bit high for our mixed age congregation. (top note C sharp or on a good day D) Is there a way of transposing down the lead sheet for the flute. I don't have a capo or a key shift function!
John Crossman at 14:50 on 4th December 2014
A great song which we are practising to sing at the Olomouc International Fellowship Christmas carols service! Fits in perfectly as we are also studying the Gospel of John at the same time!
Melissa Ryan at 15:47 on 5th November 2014
Inspirational song , Joel . A great way to kick off the new album .
Judy Gresham at 08:47 on 14th October 2014
Brilliant song for our Praise Rocks group to sing at the school carol service!
Suzanne Barton at 04:55 on 10th October 2014
Its a keeper, not just for christmas!
Sarah Eagles at 13:01 on 7th October 2014
Another great song, thanks Joel.
Can definitely see this being a feature this Advent.
Alan Norton at 07:10 on 7th October 2014
to whoever fixed the problem with downloading the lyric sheet , thank you
Allen Miller at 15:49 on 6th October 2014
Great to have something NEW for Christmas! This should go down a storm at our Christmas praise evening!
Richard Woolley at 11:38 on 6th October 2014
Love this song. I plan on singing this at our Christmas Eve service during our candle lighting. However, when I try to down load the free lyric sheet, it has a different song on it.
Allen Miller at 10:40 on 6th October 2014
This is a lovely, catchy song of praise. I'm already humming it!!
Kim Lafferty at 10:14 on 6th October 2014