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God of All Comfort

Added 5th May 2021


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NB This song has two recordings: the main version is the live recording from our 'Sing a Hymn' album, but you can also purchase the original studio recording. As a live recording, the backing track does contain some traces of lead and group vocals.

God of all comfort, God of compassion,
reveal your mercy through us your church,
disturb our slumber, move us to action,
to show your kingdom on the earth.  
Make us like Jesus, full of your Spirit.
declaring good news to the poor,
proclaiming freedom for every captive
and the favour of the Lord.

Show us the value of every person
show us your image in every face;
we all are equal, we all are broken,
and need the kindness of your grace.
We stand together, here in the margins,
there in the hardship and the pain,
we cry for justice and restoration, 
until the silent sing again.

We hear the groaning of all creation,
we hear the promise of earth renewed,
so make us agents of your redemption
in this, the world so loved by you.
May we grow bolder, may we speak louder,
until your voice of hope is heard;
for we see Jesus, going before us,
to bring his kingdom on the earth.

We pray your kingdom come on earth.
We pray your kingdom come on earth.

Commissioned and written to mark the 75th anniversary of Christian Aid.

This song was written for a special service to mark the 75th anniversary of Christian Aid, in response to themes of the service. Verse one begins with a call to God to stir us as his church, to take on the ministry that Jesus announced in Nazareth in Luke 4. Verse 2 reflects the current situation, following a global pandemic which has affected the whole world and brought widespread suffering, shifting some of the traditional perceptions of 'them' and 'us' in development work, reinforcing that we must all 'stand together for dignity, for equality, for justice'. Verse three picks up the themes of ecology and climate change that are high on Christian Aid's agenda and sets them in a context of eschatological hope and present action, with the final statement that it is Jesus himself who brings his kingdom.

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