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From life's beginning (Let praise resound)

Added 5th September 2019


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From life’s beginning
to all eternity,
there is a song to be sung;
in deepest oceans,
across the galaxies,
in every nation and tongue.

Let praise resound,
let praise resound, all around.
Creation, sing with one voice
to the glory of the Maker of all things:
let praise resound.

Come, every creature
alive at his command,
join the eternal refrain.
Sing, joyful mountains,
you rivers, clap your hands;
all nature, breathe out his name.

Sing together:
holy, holy, holy is the Lord.
Glory to the one who lives
and reigns for evermore:
let praise resound.

So join the anthem,
let every voice be heard,
come lift your praises up high
as songs of worship
ring out across the earth,
as heaven sings in reply.

Bible Passages: Psalm 98; Rev 4
Themes: Creation, Praise

I was reflecting on the Doxecology project and also thinking about the word ‘Resound’ - and the basic song came pretty quickly while I was driving on a long journey. It started off as my attempt to write a modern ‘How great Thou art’ with all of creation singing praise to the God who brings salvation and restoration to all of creation. However it quickly became clear that the subject matter was too big for this song, so after numerous Resound writing sessions I finally came to the conclusion it needed to be more to the point - that then released me to focus on the song as a call to worship. The verses went through many lyrical re-writes and the bridge was added at some point, using Revelation 4 which I hope gives a sense of call to eternal, everlasting praise.

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Nigel Ovens at 09:18 on 28th September 2020

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