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It's ok with me!

Find rest O my soul

Added 14th September 2015


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Find rest, O my soul,
in God alone, God alone;
he’s my rock, my salvation.
Know peace, O my soul,
he’s in control, in control;
I will never be shaken.

At all times
I will trust in you;
at all times,
pour my heart out to you.

My hope is in you,
for you are strong,
you are love unfailing.
My hope is in you,
whatever comes,
you’re my refuge,
you’re my song.

Find strength, O my soul,
in God alone, God alone;
he’s my light and my fortress.
Know joy, O my soul,
he’s in control, in control;
he’s defeated the darkness.

Sometimes (quite often in fact) a bible passage just hits you. You read it and think, wow, yes, amazing – I need to remember that. That’s what happened when I read the words of Psalm 62 one day – so full of confident assurance in our God and his power to save and sustain us through every circumstance. The Psalms were, of course, made to be sung and I thought we shouldn’t miss out on singing this one.

I’ve based most of the song around verses 5-8 and 11-12 which round off the Psalm by saying ‘One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God are strong, and that you, O Lord, are loving.’ That’s an awesome combination. And with those two things, God’s mighty strength and God’s steadfast love held together there’s truly nothing that can shake us; we can put all our hope in him and trust him to deliver us.

I hope you’ll find his rest and strength as you sing this song, and that you’ll know his peace and joy in all you do.

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