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Come and worship Christ the King

Added 19th October 2016


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Come and worship Christ the King,
come and bow before
Christ the author of all things,
every heart adore
Christ the everlasting God.
Reigning at the Father’s side
from eternity,
wrapped in everlasting light,
clothed in majesty,
the beginning and the end.

Christ our saviour,
King of glory and of grace,
reign for ever,
you are worthy of our hearts’ unending praise.

When our hearts were far away,
still he came for us,
left his glory, took our place,
suffered on the cross;
through his death he won our peace.
Now no condemnation stands,
we are truly free;
we were crucified with Christ,
we will surely be
raised in everlasting life.

He will come again in power
with authority,
sin and death will be destroyed
in his victory,
we will see him face to face.
Every tongue will cry in awe,
every bended knee
will acknowledge he is Lord,
then our hearts will be
lost in everlasting praise.

NB We have decided to change the lyrics in the final verse since recording the song. The mp3 and lyric video will be amended soon, and all the other resources now contain the updated lyrics. Once you have purchased an item you are able to return at any time and re-download corrected or amended versions.

There are lots of great opening songs that focus on attributes of God (his greatness, his faithfulness, his holiness, etc.) but not so many that focus explicitly on Christ. I wanted to write something in an up-tempo, contemporary style that carries the Christ-exalting richness of passages like Colossians 1 and Philippians 2. The three verses intertwine the story of our salvation with the story of Christ’s eternal glory, while the chorus lifts for a big, worshipping response. 

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