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At your bidding (You saw that it was good)

Added 20th August 2020


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At your bidding there was beginning,
at your summons this world was formed,
all things living brought into being
by the power of your word.
You saw that it was good,
you saw that it was good,
help us give you thanks
with the praise and awe we should.
For all your ways are good,
yes, all your ways are good;
God of all creation,
all your ways are good.

In this garden that you have given,
we were hungry for all its fruit,
so we plundered the earth and oceans,
seizing more than we were due.
We stole from what was good,
we stole from what was good,
help us face the truth
with the honesty we should.
For all your ways are good…

As the planet longs for redemption,
spoiled and reeling from nature’s loss,
we remember the source of healing
flowing out from Jesus’ cross.
You came down for our good,
you came down for our good,
help us look to you
with the hope and faith we should.
For all your ways are good…

If we bow down and seek your mercy,
will you hear us and still forgive?
Holy Spirit, make us determined
to reshape the way we live.
Restore all that is good,
restore all that is good,
help us change our hearts
so we show the care we should.
For all your ways are good…

We wanted a song that captured the sweep of the biblical narrative, from a good creation spoiled, to the hope of transformation founded on the cross and driven by the Spirit. Alex sketched out the bare bones of the four-verse structure and wrote an initial tune. Tim then set about the detail of the words. We wanted to express in both words and melody our despair at the way we have plundered the gift of a good world; our confession for being complicit; and our hope that change is possible. Will we, in humility and with faith, use the means an eternally good God has given us to live differently?

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