It's ok with me!

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It's ok with me!

Christmas Songs is the first studio album from Resound Worship. 12 of our most popular songs, re-recorded with new arrangements influenced by contemporary pop, skandi-folk and a bit of victoriana. All designed to become your soundtrack to Christmas. 12 original songs, all with the Resound stamp of quality, not a revamped carol or a sleighbell to be found. [Scroll down for 6 more songs, written since this album was released]


The songs

Click on any song title to be taken to a page where you can preview the whole track, download free lead and chord sheets, or purchase scores, mp3s and videos.*

Or take advantage of one of our bundles, packaging up all the scores, all the backing tracks, or the complete bundle with absolutely everything!


NB If you're thinking of buying the complete bundle (that's all the scores, mp3s and videos for every song) you should probably check out our Annual Pass - by adding just a little more you'd get access to everything on the site!

*Several songs were restyled especially for the album, but for one or two we've kept the original more congregational version on the song page. Check before purchasing.



Also, make sure you don't miss these six new songs, written and recorded since the Christmas Songs album was released:

Lift up your eyes - a rare gem, a contemporary song with distinctly Advent themes!

Hark the herald - nothing new about this song, but an arrangement we've used at Christmas events over the last few years and one you might like to try

Jesus is with us - a lively and contagious all-age song celebrating the Christmas Story

Sweet sounds of heaven (Christ is born) - this one digs a bit deeper theogically while trying to keep things accessible!

Come and see the saviour - a gentle and melodically simple invitation to encounter the new-born King

Take Heart - a song of advent yearning and hope