Writing Guide

There are many ways you could approach writing songs on this theme. The Bible is full of inspiration and relevant content – it does, after all begin with the creation and end with the renewal of all things. Many of us will feel the urgency of the situation in our world and find words begin to flow out of that.

Our two most important pieces of advice:

Try to write something that won’t feel out of place in your normal Sunday gathered worship.

It’s tempting to slip into a niche style when writing for a niche subject, but we want to encourage the seamless integration of these songs and themes into our regular worship vocabulary.

Try to write a song, not a sermon.

If we use our songs to berate everyone like an impassioned preacher, or work through a 10-point expositional theology of creation, nobody will sing them. Songs work in a more subtle way, usually reminding us of what we already know and believe, even when exploring something novel.

Where do I start?!

Here are some ideas we shared with our 12 Song Challenge participants last year. It’s just a start – please don’t feel limited!

Creation our teacher

Creation teaches us: the parables of Jesus frequently use the examples of nature doing what it does naturally to tell us about the Kingdom of God

Move in Power

A big-scale cry for God to move nations and global corporations into acting justly and wisely in how they treat the created world (cf Shine Jesus Shine)

God of recycling

Recycling, restoration and the God who makes all things new

Let it rest

Exodus 23:10, Lev 25 The sabbath rest for the land: maybe connected to God taking a sabbath, us having a sabbath;


A lament for our failures in caring for the world God made; perhaps drawing on Biblical forms and words of lament

Justice for the planet & the poor

Creation care and social justice: eg those who suffer most from climate change (eco issue) are the poorest (social justice issue)

Who dares?

Job 38-39 God’s greatness and humanity’s arrogance

Heisenberg Principle

Ezekiel 34:18 - enjoying creation without ruining it at the same time:

Is it not enough for you to feed on the good pasture? Must you also trample the rest of your pasture with your feet? Is it not enough for you to drink clear water? Must you also muddy the rest with your feet?

The Eden Mandate

David Taylor (Fuller Seminary) once tweeted on translations of Genesis 2:15:

“Reading a host of translations of Genesis 2:15, one gets a better sense of the richness of the phrase "le·'a·ve·dah u·le·sha·me·rah”:

"to serve it and keep it"
"to till and to guard it"
"to work it and watch over it"
"to farm it and take care of it"
"to cultivate and keep it"

One Big Community

Psalm 104 and the Community of Creation that includes us within it