Rules and Submission Guidelines

Your Submission

  1. Submissions should be English language, contemporary, congregational worship songs with themes of creation, ecology & Christian hope.
  2. Submissions should be received by Friday 18 October 2019 in order to considered.
  3. Submissions may be by single or multiple authors, but the contact details for the account used to submit the songs will be used for all correspondence.
  4. For the purposes of this project, a worship song shall be deemed to be:
    • singable by a congregation
    • Christian in content
  5. No other specific stylistic boundaries will be imposed though songs with a broad appeal both in style and content are more likely to be successful.
  6. A maximum of two songs be submitted per entrant. Each song entered will be subject to a £3.00 administration charge to be paid via PayPal at the time of submission.
  7. Complete songs should be submitted both as independent lyrics and a PDF score or chord chart with an mp3 recording.
    • Scores and chord charts may be computer generated or handwritten but must be legible in order to be considered.
    • Recordings do not need to be professional in quality, but must be sufficient to convey the melody and chords.
  8. Submissions may be edited and changed by the entrant after submission, up until the closing date of the competition.
  9. Submissions may be withdrawn, up until the closing date of the competition, and the administration fee will be refunded.
  10. Submissions may be made by post, by sending a copy of the text (and score) and a cheque for £3 per song, payable to Song & Hymn Writers Foundation CIO, to:

    49 Snells Nook Lane,
    LE11 3YA

    An acknowledgement of receipt will be provided if a stamped addressed envelope is supplied.

Selection and Results

  1. All submissions will be reviewed by the Resound Worship team to shortlist a collection for publication. Inclusion in the collection will be subject to editorial amendments in consultation with the writer(s). It will be a requirement of inclusion and publication that necessary revisions are made to the satisfaction of the Resound Worship team, within the supplied deadlines.
  2. Songs to be published will be subject to an agency agreement with Jubilate Hymns Ltd. All entries must be previously unpublished, and entrants must be free to enter into a publishing arrangement with Jubilate Hymns Ltd without interest from any other publishers. Entries unable to enter into the publishing agreement will should contact Resound Worship before submitting. A copy of the current agency agreement is available on request.
  3. Resound Worship reserves the right to include no submissions from the general public in the Doxecology collection in the unlikely event of there being no submissions of sufficient quality.
  4. Shortlisted entrants will be contacted by Friday 8 November 2019. It will not be possible to enter into correspondence regarding submissions outside the shortlist.