Theology & Resources

We’re determined that the Doxecology collection should not only give voice to our concern and our praise, but also form us as we sing. It should be rich in a biblical theology of creation. This doesn’t mean essays, songs can still be simple, but they will come from a solid understanding of what the Bible has to say.

So we’re encouraging everyone who read and research as part of their writing process.

  • Get stuck in to your Bible
  • See what the current theologians have to say
  • Explore the language used by Christian environmental agencies

We’ve gathered some recommended resources to help you get started.

Recommended Books

Full length books

Bible and Ecology: Rediscovering the Community of Creation - Richard Bauckham

Surprised By Hope - Tom Wright

Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World - Douglas & Jonathan Moo

L is for Lifestyle: Christian Living That Doesn’t Cost the Earth - Ruth Valerio
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Shorter booklets

The Earth is the Lord’s: A Biblical Response to Enironmental Issues - Hilary Marlow (Grove Booklet B50)

Caring for Creation: Part of our Gospel Calling - Stella Simiyu and Peter Harris (Grove Booklet E149)

Online articles and videos

The Bible and Biodiversity
Dave Bookless
Read Article
Caring for Creation as Mission
Peter Harris (Two articles)
Read Articles
A lecture from Dave Bookless of A Rocha International
Given at the Lausanne Southeast Asia Regional Conference on Creation Care and the Gospel, in Manila (18 Mar 2014).
Climate and Faith in the Public Arena
Katharine Heyhoe gives the John Stott Lecture

Related Websites and Organisations

These can be especially helpful for exploring the way Christians are talking about environmental issues, the kind of the language they use – and perhaps the kind of language they don’t. Most also have further articles and worship resources.