A wide-open search for new worship songs on themes of creation, ecology and Christian hope


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“Let all creation rejoice before the Lord"
Psalm 96:13a

What's the idea?

Here at Resound Worship, we have been watching the increasingly urgent ecological situation in our world and have recognised that the Church is struggling for something to sing. We have a vision to create new resources in words and music that release our voice on these issues in our gathered worship.

We need songs that express:

  • our love for God and his creation
  • our lament and commitment
  • the fulness of our hope in Christ

This issue is much bigger than one group of songwriters, so we’re not keeping it to ourselves. Instead we’re inviting people in churches everywhere to write and submit new songs. Everyone from seasoned professionals to carefree beginners, who can make a vital contribution to the song of the church.

Through this process, we're anticipating finding some wonderful new songs which will be selected for recording and publication. But we also expect many more will find their place in the lives of local churches, helping them to incorporate creation-care into the language of worship. So our encouragement is to have a go. Write, write, write! And see where it takes you.

"doxecology is such an important and significant initiative. We truly are what we love, and in worship our triune God draws us to love all that he loves. He cares for all life on earth and can turn our hearts from destruction. He cares for the poor who suffer most from the current crises his hand-made world is facing. In these times of widespread assault on his creation all over the world, may these new hymns and songs of worship renew the passion of God’s people to live the good news, to lament, and to renew our hope in Christ.”

Peter Harris, President, A Rocha International


Theology around environmental concern has been rapidly evolving over recent years, in part because we as the church have been catching up in response to messages from scientists about the ecological situation in our world. This deepening theological understanding has begun to challenge and reshape some old assumptions about the relationship that humans have to the rest of creation and our roles and responsibilities within it.

We'd strongly recommend that you do some reading before you launch into writing, so we've put together a list of resources you might find helpful.

Check the resources


What are we looking for?

We want to create a collection of songs that enable churches to include these important themes in their gathered worship. We’re expecting a variety of styles and approaches, but we’re especially looking for songs that will be at home in a contemporary worship music setting. The songs should be clearly Christian in content and should be congregationally singable. Our primary goal is that church congregations take them up and sing them.Our goal is to create a collection of songs that will enable churches to include these important themes in their gathered worship. We’re expecting a variety of styles and approaches, but we’re especially looking for contemporary-styled worship songs, where material is so thin on the ground. We will also welcome hymns and other forms.

The songs should be:

  • clearly related to the doxecology theme
  • identifiably Christian in content
  • congregationally singable

Songs that are selected will be subject to a revisions process in liaison with the Resound Worship team before being recorded and published as part of the Doxecology collection. Depending on the quantity and standard or entries this may take the form of one large collection or several smaller collections and EPs.

submit your songs